About Vangsgaard A/S

"We want to expand our position as the leading full-service provider of business profiling. We want to be our clients´ preferred choice when they rebrand themselves or they are looking for a new supplier within our field of competences."

René Rafn Hansen

As a Danish company our homepage is mainly written in Danish, however below you can read briefly about Vangsgaard A/S. We have several European clients and together with our sister company Brand Factory AB, we have branches throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

We always operate under the motto "Visual Value". Visual Value is an umbrella term for what we can offer you and your business. We help create the desired awareness for your brand, your store, or your products.
Get inspired by the portfolio of our cases under the submenu “Hvad kan vi?" (What can we do? - Our Work). This is only a fraction of the work we do, so please do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a solution to meet your needs and demands.

Who are Vangsgaard A/S
Vangsgaard A/S is the leading supplier of sign services in Denmark. The company offers a full range of services within the field of visual communication and instore solutions. To mention a few, Vangsgaard A/S offers vehicle wrapping, signs and digital print on all material. The Instore department is specialized in the entire process of store establishment. This includes complete makeovers, POS material, facility management, fixtures, lighting and shop-in-shop.

Why work with Vangsgaard A/S?
At Vangsgaard we see each client as being special and with unique needs. Working with us, you will get a customized solution that fits the exact needs of your company. Because of the wide range of products we offer you will benefit from dealing with only one supplier.

We have many years experience working with companies and corporations of all sizes. Whether your need is foil wrapping of your car, replacement of your front signs or a complete make-over of your stores, we have the right solution for you. 

Our mission:


"We ensure our clients visual identity"

About Vangsgaard A/S
The company was founded in 1980 by Helmer Vangsgaard. In the beginning of the 1990’s a generational change was completed both in terms of ownership as well as management of the company. Since then the company has been run by a CEO René Rafn Hansen, Sales and Marketing Director Jesper Christensen and Production Director, Anders Vangsgaard.

Vangsgaard A/S has grown from being a small company based on craftsmanship, to a market leading corporation employing more than a hundred competent people.

Among other things Vangsgaard specializes in the following areas:

- Design & concept development
- Project management
- Print & wrapping
- Signs
- Vehicle wrapping
- Store establishment

- Fitting
- Logistics & storage

We aim to improve your visual profile in all our actions. Vangsgaard helps strengthen your brand by making your company visible in the streetscape, on exteriors, on windows and on roads around the Nordic countries.

We collaborate with a large group of sub-suppliers and fitters in all the Nordic countries. With our great internal production capacity and great network we have the size to help you with large product launches, chain makeovers and campaigns – also when dealing with tight deadlines.

About the Instore department
Vangsgaard Instore started as a subsidairy of Vangsgaard A/S, but as of January 1st 2014 are incorporated in Vangsgaard A/S. In the Instore department we have many years experience in managing every step of the process of building and designing retail stores etc. Thus we offer both turn-key solutions and smaller assignments such as:

- Concept development
Creating trendsetting designs that are known to increase sales: To create a virtual understanding of the concept we develop layout plans, 3D drawings and animations. This could include shop-in-shop, complete makeovers or design of point of sale material.

- Production or sourcing of materials
Such as inventory, signs, lighting etc.; We have a broad network of suppliers and promise great value for the money.   

- Professional construction and project management
For instance building renovations: We always work with profile manuals and floor drawings with a professional project management. Our expertise and experiences ensures a thorough inspection of structural elements, walls, roofs and floors. This includes applying for building permits from authorities.

- Facility management
This includes building maintenance and operation management.

We consider every assignment to be unique and we respect and take into account the local context when advising your company. The end result is high quality trendsetting interior designs delivered in a timely and cost efficient manner.  


Måløv Teknikerby 2
DK-2760 Måløv


+45 88 88 30 30

+45 44 53 00 80

Reception opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8.00-16.00, Friday: 8.00-15.30